Our restaurant located near the central Kyoto offers course meals including the best seasonal quality ingredients, with a hint of international cuisine elements. 'Orto' stands for 'a vegetable garden' in Italian. Our recipes use less salt or oil so that you can enjoy the taste of very seasonal and fresh ingredients from each dish.



オーナーシェフ 谷村真司

Grown up in a nature-rich town called Kumiyama, Kyoto, I have been familiar with Kyo-yasai (vegetables originating in Kyoto Prefecture), and have known that seasonal ingredients are distinguished by not only its excellent taste but also its 'good effect'. In fact, even in the ancient times when food was not abundant, the importance of eating seasonal food during its harvest time had already been recognized. We therefore are committed to providing the finest seasonal quality ingredients. We sincerely hope that you can experience the beautiful four seasons of Kyoto through each plate we serve you.

Although I have been specializing in Italian and French cuisine for many years, I no longer call my restaurant 'Ristorante' after the renovation in 2016. It was for the purpose of providing meals without any specific genres and allowing guests to choose from a variety of menus. We are certain that you can enjoy the most unique experience in our restaurant.

Owner-Chef Shinji Tanimura