Tel:075 212 1166




Telephone Reservations

Tel:075 212 1166

Please acknowledge the following: Closed on Mondays/Tuesdays / Might be closed irregularly / Food allergies or intolerance should be informed beforehand. The telephone line may be busy during business hours. Please be aware that we may charge a cancellation fee if you wish to cancel your reservations on the day you will visit.

WEB Reservations

Please make a reservation here.

1F カウンター席 8席

2F テーブル席 2–12席

  • ※価格は全て消費税別途いただきます。またサービス料10%頂戴しております
  • ※全席禁煙とさせていただいております
  • ※全てのお料理提供までに2–3時間ほど(個人差がございます)のお時間を頂戴しております
  • ※就学前(7歳前後)のお子様のご利用、Tシャツ・ビーチサンダルでのご来店はお断りさせていただいております
  • ※カードの使用はVISA、MASTER、American Express、Diners、JCBに限らせていただいております

1F Seats At the Bar (8 Seats)
An ideal space for enjoying dishes cooked in front of you or having a casual chat. These seats are very comfortable to stay for single customers too.

2F Seats at the Tables (2-12 Seats)
Private rooms divided by curtains (for 2-6 people) are available on request. We can also host a private party for up to 12 people.

  • ※Tax is included in all the prices. A 10% service charge will be added to the total amount of your bill.
  • ※Please note that smoking is prohibited inside the restaurant.
  • ※For serving all the dishes of the course meal, it may take 2-3 hours (depending on individuals).
  • ※We are afraid that children under 7 years old or anyone wearing T-shirts or beach sandals are not allowed to eat with us.
  • ※The credit cards we can accept are VISA, MASTER, American Express, Diners, or JCB only.